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High Workshop

A 4-week virtual workshop that offers a deeper understanding to arm balance on your mat and helps you to overcome fear, develop self-trust and strengthen endless bodily potential. We will start with detailed instructional breakdowns of the mechanic behind popular arm balances like bakasana, titibhasana, flying pigeon and etc, from beginner level to intermediate level week by week. By week 4, you will be confident enough to apply mindful ways to enter each pose, design your own creative transition, and use props to support you. 

This workshop will definitely take your skills to new heights and open a deeper understanding of alignments and technique no matter you are new to arm balances or want to learn more challenging poses. Aim high, and build trust and confidence in your practice!


March 06, 13, 20, 27 Saturdays, 5pm -6:15pm (75 mins)

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Drop-in $25 per workshop. Bundle rate for all 4 workshops- $85.

Playback will be available on Youtube private library.


Limited space. Please book through Eventbrite, door closes 1-hour prior workshop starts. Tickets aren’t refundable. 

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