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My Story: About Me


Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I arrived in New York City in 2010 to pursue a career in fashion. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, I worked as a fashion designer, most recently for Oscar de la Renta and Coach, and continue to do free-lance fashion design.


In 2015, my focus turned to yoga, which, like fashion design, inspired my creativity. My true dharma was emerging: to create a more harmonious, mindful and conscious world through the practice and teaching of yoga.

Growing up, like most young people, I searched for my true identity. I wrestled with issues of acceptance and gender fluidity among others. The spiritual and physical beauty and discipline of yoga helped me explore and expose the layers of my essential self. My practice of yoga taught me to listen to my heart and see the world more clearly. Teaching yoga, hopefully, unlocks those skills and insights in my students.

Trained at Laughing Lotus in NY and immersed in chakra studies, I have worked towards mindfulness with the goal of achieving longevity in my yoga practice. It was at Laughing Lotus that I began my formal teacher training. My intention is to be both a yoga student with some of the best yoga teachers from around the world, and a yoga teacher with the skills I develop. Being trained, practicing my skills, and training others go hand-in-hand, and will be my path in the future.

Are you ready to dive deep and find the light within you?

Reach me at

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