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Words from the community

Lynsey F: Karfee’s classes are very special. Always a beautiful mix of graceful flow, stretching, and powerful poses. The transitions are unique and Karfee brings everything together in such a thoughtful way. There is always something to challenge you physically and make you think a little deeper. Karfee always takes the time to help you develop your practice and offer feedback and advice.

Pearl S: I love Karfee's mindful, creative, graceful, and flowy sequences in the class. In Karfee's class, there are many layers which is why I find them so transformative!

Amy C:  I have practiced Karfee's virtual classes (vinyasa yoga and power yoga) several times and they each have their own awesome qualities. I don't have a meditation practice but recently had to fly west for work, which involved multiple airports and lots of people who were not wearing masks. Super stressful. I put on my earphones and plugged into Karfee's guided meditation class, it was an oasis of calm, and I was very grateful to have access to it. 

Vicki Cohen W: Karfee is a wonderful yoga instructor. She blends graceful flow movements with powerful poses into a seamless class that is enhanced by her calming voice and spirituality. I've been practicing yoga for a decade and have taken classes with many different instructors. Karfee is by far one of my all time favorites.

Heather L: Karfee's discipline, grace, composure, and compassion for others were immediately evident, and have remained consistently steady as I've grown to know her better. Karfee has remained my teacher throughout the pandemic and her presence and wisdom have truly been a guiding light through an extraordinarily challenging year. It is my honor to call her my teacher and my friend. 

Robert K: Karfee is an extremely talented yoga teacher. Every class, every flow, every outcome is special. With calm and mindful direction, my life has changed and I am more centered, and focused, more flexible and self-aware, more relaxed, and stronger, all thanks to Karfee. Watching and listening to Karfee is inspirational.

Reema R: I started to practice Yoga in November 2019 and during my initial practice I did a class with Karfee and immediately felt connected and motivated both mentally and physically. I would religiously go for Karfee's class every week in the gym I was a member of. During the pandemic, I have consistently practiced with Karfee virtually and it helped me tremendously in this difficult time. From being a beginner, I have learned so much and Karfee kept pushing me to do the poses based on my level and always told me to be compassionate with myself but even keep practicing and be consistent to reach my goals. I have not just learned yoga poses, but key things of life like Discipline, Compassion, willpower, and persistence through my practice. And I hope to grow and get better in all aspects of my life - emotionally, mentally, and physically. If you are someone who is eager to learn, Karfee will always answer and guide you in the ways you want to grow.

Annie V: Karfee is a very helpful and knowledgeable instructor, who is always eager to make her class a wonderful experience for everyone. Depending on the type of class, you can go from soothing to challenging all the while maintaining a perfect balance of mind to body experience. 

Cecilia L: Karfee is great! I have been coming to her class consistently for months and really enjoyed it - she is kind and patient, and also clear on her instruction/techniques. Thank you Karfee!


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