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What is Project of Love?

It is a mission dedicated to helping seekers create harmony internally to emit the true essence of love.

Healing starts from the inner work. 

mindfulness practice

Project of Love: The Empowered Heart 7-days Stay Home Yoga Series I is a Vinyasa Yoga series consists of seven 45mins yoga practices to help yoga practitioners to open their heart, strengthen their physicality while exploring the potential and anatomy of their spirit. Each class conveys the special and signature flow that characterized poses and creative sequences linking with the breath. These seven classes will empower you to open the internal dialogues while you move on the yoga mat and take the insights with you to apply to your daily life. A spiritual and physical enhanced journey designed to deepen your yoga practice. 

One extra 45mins class included in the series.

Mindfulness Guided Meditation:

Connect to your inner presence with the simple tool. Your breath. 

Express Flow:

Give your body 15mins to do these simple standing yoga poses daily.  Self-love is an act of discipline.

Stem Flow:

A series of stretches focusing on the upper body that can be done seated.  Leave feeling opened and elongated.


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